Merge Safari Rivals

Merge animals to help them grow until they can be released back into the wild. Give your animals room. Don't let your reserve become full!

How to play Merge Safari Rivals

  • The age of each animal is represented by its ring color and size.
  • When two of the same animals with same color ring touch they will merge, drop the animal bubble in play to merge with its twin.
  • Merge animals through the colors of the rainbow to maturity, when fully grown they’ll be released into the wild!
  • Don’t let your enclosure fill, keep your animals away from net.

  • How to win Merge Safari Rivals

  • Be careful, don’t miss a merge opportunity
  • Watch the Stampede bonus bar, merge quickly for the Stampede Bonus
  • Merge animals with stars for the Lion Power Up. Make sure to activate quickly.
  • Play quickly, make those 2 and a half minutes count!

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